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Russian Black Terrier | South Russian Ovtcharka

Character of Black Russian Terrier

According to the Russian breed standard, the BRT is characterized by a well-tempered, lively type higher nervous activity with an active defense reaction. The same characteristics are mentioned in FCI Standard no 327 concerning the BRT behavior. The dog is well trainable and easily governed by a man. Uncontrolled aggressiveness, shyness, or high excitability are disqualification faults. The dog is affectionate, well balanced, distrustful to strangers, self-confident, and brave. The dog instantly stands on the defensive in dangerous situations but relaxes as soon as the danger is over. Sure enough, there are dogs, whose characters deviate far from the standard:

1) indolent and phlegmatic dogs with inhibition prevailing over excitation;

2) highly excitable dogs with pronounced violence and aggression, with unbalanced nervous system.

These faults are inherited, and Russian cynologists know their genetic roots. BRT breeding in Russia is carried out in strict compliance with the breed standard. Such dogs are scarce. In Russia, no BRT assault on man was ever registered. Modern BRT is not a military dog that was designed to be bred in the Red Star Kennel. User requirements changed. The dogs of this breed retained their protective working qualities, but in the last two decades they acquired the character of a companion and became highly decorative (furnishings). Trainers believe that BRT's working qualities should approximate those of a German shepherd in terms of obedience. BRT trainability does not differ from that of the other "old" breeds of similar temper, probably except for a worse attitude towards carrying/bringing things. BRT training is largely similar to that of a Giant Schnauzer. A specific feature of BRT behavior is a somewhat vague reaction to excitation. The dog's behavior is highly balanced. BRT is a terrier only by name. The ethnology and character of this breed are much more similar to those of a Giant Schnauzer, and for this reason FCI transferred the BRT breed from the 3rd group, terriers, to the 2nd group, Pinscher and Schnauzer type Molossian and Swiss mountain & Cattle dogs (section 1, Pinschers and Schnauzers). The excellent user qualities made BRT a popular breed. The large size combined with the excellent working qualities, stalwart and elegant appearance, communicability, and friendliness to children allows us to hope that the popularity of the Black Russian Terriers will continue to increase

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